Verskaffers van korporatiewe geskenke en alle klere.Ons spesialiseer in sportklere, skoolklere, werksklere en korporatiewe kantoordrag.
Tlokwe Local Municipality was a local municipality in Dr Kenneth Kaunda District Municipality, North West Province, South Africa. The seat was Potchefstroom. After the municipal elections on 3 August 2016 it was merged into the larger JB Marks Local Municipality.

The time has come for Potchefstromers to support, buy and sell locally. ProPotch is an initiative that is focused on uniting the community and generating a mindset of local growth. When you join, you are saying that you love local and this means that local loves you back. Live in a Potchefstroom that eats, sleeps, drinks, shops, manufactures, relaxes, practises, procures and supports LOCAL.

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