Die ProPotch Pothole-projek wil hoofroetes slaggatvry maak

Die #ProPotch Pothole Projek is deur die Potchefstroom Sakekamer, J,B. Marks Plaaslike Munisipaliteit en die ALS Groep Suid-Afrika geloods vir diegene wat moeg is vir slaggate en Potchefstroom se infrastruktuur wil opknap. Hulle mik om in 100 werksdae Potchefstroom se hoofroetes slaggatvry te maak.

Die projek beloop sowat R1 miljoen. Dit kos sowat R500 om ‘n slaggat van een vierkante meter te herstel.

Think Local, Buy Local, Manufacture Local, Procure Local, Travel Local, Stay Local, Relax Local, Eat Local, Drink Local, Wear Local, Exercise Local, Support Local, Empower Local and Enjoy Local.

Join our #ProPotch community today!

Enjoy all the benefits that Potchefstroom Chamber of Commerce can offer and join the community with networking and building your business brand.

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Our email address: info@potchsakekamer.co.za 
Our contact details: 0716088775
Website: www.potchsakekamer.co.za

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#ProPotch NWU Extreme Weekend

We are very excited about the #ProPotch NWU Extreme Weekend that is taking place from the 1st to the 2nd of May 2021 at Lekwena Wildlife Estate.

This action-packed weekend will be filled with adventure, as the Potchefstroom Sakekamer and the NWU – North-West University is hosting the annual NWU Extreme MTB Challenge and #ProPotch Trail Run @Lekwena.
Join us on the most scenic MTB and trail run route, filled with wildlife, climbs and beautiful views. Register online by following the links:

The time has come for Potchefstromers to support, buy and sell locally. ProPotch is an initiative that is focused on uniting the community and generating a mindset of local growth. When you join, you are saying that you love local and this means that local loves you back. Live in a Potchefstroom that eats, sleeps, drinks, shops, manufactures, relaxes, practises, procures and supports LOCAL.

Join our #ProPotch community today!