If you think local, sell local, buy local enjoy local, or support local – you are #ProPotch!

The Potchefstroom Chamber of Commerce is #ProPotch and proud to be local and we want our local individuals and the business community to prosper but we need your help!

The economy of Potchefstroom is close to the heart of the Chamber of Commerce close to heart and due to the COVID-19 pandemic our local business community has suffered immense financial hardship and we need to focus on supporting our businesses in order for them to survive, recover and to boost the economy of Potchefstroom.  

We are excited to share with you our #ProPotch initiative to motivate and inspire local individuals and businesses to support each other

Our vision with #ProPotch is to cultivate an environment where businesses and individuals think, buy, sell, and support LOCAL! The #ProPotch initiative is non-profit and the cost associated with some products is merely to defray expenses.

There are plenty of people brimming with talent, and our community is blessed with extraordinary assets, poised to contribute to all the things that make Potchefstroom a great business environment and keep us competitive on a national level. With this vision in mind, we need your support and cooperation. If you know you are, buy and sell or support local, you need to show you are #ProPotch! 

Why should you join the #ProPotch initiative?

All our active Chamber of Commerce members that qualify as a #ProPotch business will receive a starter pack (big #ProPotch sticker and limited product stickers) for free.

Qualifying Criteria:

If you are not a business owner, you can still support #ProPotch by keeping your eyes on our social media pages and support all #ProPotch businesses and organisations. Let’s implement a local mindset! 

Think Local, Buy Local, Manufacture local, Procure Local, Travel local, Stay Local, Relax Local, Eat Local, Drink Local, Wear Local, Exercise Local, Support Local, Empower Local and Enjoy Local. 

Join our #ProPotch community today!   

It’s time to show that you are #ProPotch!

Enjoy all the benefits that Potchefstroom Chamber of Commerce can offer and join the community with networking and building your business brand. 

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