Potchefstroom, it’s time to clean-up and recycle!

Springtime is clean-up time! As part of the National Clean-Up and Recycle SA week, the Potchefstroom Chamber of Commerce, in collaboration with CleanUp Together JB Marks and Deswalner Recycling, aims to pick up 3000 garbage bags of litter.

We invite all businesses, organisations, families, and community members to take hands and help us clean our city.

We are passionately #ProPotch and believe our community can make a massive difference in Potchefstroom by standing together to create a more aesthetically pleasing city. 

Deswalner Recycling will recycle all the litter items we will be collecting this week. A separate bag for recyclable litter will be provided, so you can sort it while you clean-up. 

We encourage all community members to clean up the areas where they work, live and play by collecting the litter and ensuring that it gets recycled.

Citizens that would like to volunteer to clean their specific street or certain areas are welcome to collect free garbage bags daily between 08:00-08:30 AM at the particular focus area. 

Let’s stand together and clean Potchefstroom!

Enjoy all the benefits that Potchefstroom Chamber of Commerce can offer and join the community with networking and building your business brand. 

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